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Change of Name to Westgate New Church

At the request of the Westgate congregation, the United Reformed Church (East Midlands synod) has sold the Victorian church building on the site in Westgate which has been occupied for the last 150 years. Worship and all church activities have moved to a refurbished modern building at the far end of the car park on the same site. This building, previously known as Centre 68, or the Westgate Centre, is now Westgate New Church.


Our main Sunday worship is still at 10:30 am on Sunday morning, All other church activities continue in the new building, at the same times as previously. 


The move to Westgate New Church took place on Sunday 30th October, during morning worship. On that day, worship commenced in the old building with thanksgiving for our time there, then the congregation processed to the new church, where the service continued with Holy Communion.


The old church, with the land it stands on, has been sold to the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG). Westgate New Church retains the car park, the old manse (now housing the Christian bookshop and CROPS), and of course the Westgate New Church building,


Click below to see:


Minister's letter about the move


Order of service of the moving service on October 30th 2016


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