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Announcement of Sale of Church Building

News release

Date: 1st March 2016

Westgate Church downsizes to renew community focus   

Members of Westgate Church decided on 20th February to downsize and move to their modern building in order to release resources to service the community.


Revd. Lesley Moseley, the minister of Westgate said, ‘Westgate is a vibrant and growing church. By moving we shall be able to be more focussed in our work and also to hold our services in a comfortable modern building, where we can continue to enjoy God’s presence and our times together.’


As a result of the decision, the church building will be offered for sale.


Reducing the number of buildings will give the church a greater capacity to engage in community activity, Revd Moseley said. ‘We take God’s command to care for those in need very seriously. We already work as a Foodbank distribution centre and with Food Cycle and Cross Keys Homes. During the coming summer we hope to run a Holiday at Home for older people in the community.


‘We shall be sad to leave our beautiful old building, Revd. Moseley said. ‘As a result of having so many buildings, we have struggled for some time to do the things we feel we need to do to continue to serve God and our community.’


Revd Moseley emphasised that the church will continue to work with community groups and other churches, who use the premises when they are not in use by Westgate Church.



Westgate Church dates its history to about 1780, when the original chapel was built on Westgate. It has both Methodist and Congregational roots but from the early 19th century its allegiance was to the Congregational Church. In 1891 the building was gutted by fire but it only took six months to reopen, at a cost of £3,700. In 1983 the building was once again seriously damaged by fire. In 1972 the church became part of the newly formed United Reformed Church then, just six years later, joined with the Methodist congregation from Wentworth Street to become the Westgate Church that we know today.


For more information contact:  Revd L Moseley, 01733 751681