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Green Backyard's future

Congratulations to Green Backyard after an announcement Peterborough City Council wioll extend lease for a further twelve years.
We have received the following from Alun Williams on behalf ot the Green Backyard:
I expect many of you will already be aware, but there has been an announcement from Peterborough City Council about the future of The Green Backyard today, which removes the cloud that has hung over its future for so long.  This article on the PT website will be of interest: http://www.peterboroughtoday.co.uk/news/future-of-peterborough-s-green-backyard-secured-1-7792836
The announcement comes just a few days after the Green Backyard's AGM. The trustees, including two newly elected at the AGM, will be meeting on Tuesday evening to elect new officers, and will no doubt be discussing next steps.
Look out for full coverage in next week's Peterborough Telegraph. My understanding is that there will be a two page spread on the news.
I hardly need add that like everyone else involved at the GBY I am very happy about this news, and that I am very hopeful about its future.

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